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A contemporary chic sofa upholstered In a Linen Material which is hard wearing, easy to clean and very durable. Frame made of quality wood that will last a long time. Seats filled with hard foam and fibre so will not go saggy quickly. Finished off with With Wooden feet. This stylish piece is definitely going to change your room into a more classy one.

Dimensions are approximate:

3 seater: 210cm Width. 98cm Depth. height.  75cm
2 seater: 175cm  Width 98cm  Depth. height. 75cm
1 seater:  98cm   Width  98cm Depth  height  75cm

Delivery And Return:

General Dimensions:

3 seater: 210cm Width. 98cm Depth. height. 75cm; 2 seater: 175cm Width 98cm Depth. height. 75cm; 1 seater: 98cm Width 98cm Depth height 75cm

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